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Crack Under Pressure Demo 2013


My cover illustration for Crack Under Pressure‘s demo tape. Crack Under Pressure are one of the two hottest bands around here playing violent fast hardcore punk (the other one being Nuclear Cult who share a member with C.U.P.). If you have the chance to witness one of their rare live performances, go for it. Their high bpm-Powerviolence-carnage garnished with vile slow riffs will kick your teeth in!

Berlin Scrawling out now


Berlin Scrawling contains illustrative works by eighteen Berlin-based artists. It started out as one of these drunkish ideas, but unlike most of these ideas, this one was actually followed through. The presented artworks range from expressive to realistic, from digital collages to traditional drawings and from intuitive compositions to in detail planned designs. So you pretty much get a nice cross-section.

Closed format is 8.3 × 11.7 inch (A4)
39 illustrations on 44 pages
Silkscreened cover on heavy orange cardboard
Edition of 48

Contributing artists:
The 13th Sign, Ajka Six Fingers, Anef, Anna Vo, Bertrand Bouchardeau, Björn, Black Nail Illustrations, CrippaXXXalmqvist, Dawid M. Piprek, Diana Zhang, Doomsday Graphics, Kaska Niemiro, Oli Verboden, Paula Estévez, Philip Hölldobler, Roland Chiocchetti, Scum, Sweta Krause, Tom is the Bastard


Buy here. Please get in touch for combined shipping. The same goes for people who live in Berlin anyway and want to pick up a copy directly from me to save on postage.