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Berlin art zine: call for artists


Open call:

Originally meant to be a one-shot, Berlin Scrawling gets a 2nd issue and I am looking for people who want to contribute. Illustrations, photos, comics, sculptures, doodles, graphic design stuff, tattoo flashes, digital collages, everything goes as long as it kicks butt and is printable in some way.

The Zine:

Berlin Scrawling is a DIY art zine that wants to provide a stage for creative dweebs from Berlin. Doesn’t matter if you’re mostly doodling for yourself or if you’re an experienced designer or whatever.

Conditions & contribution specs:

Just like the zine’s title implies this project is about artwork from Berlin. So only contributions from people that are actually living in Berlin can be accepted. Other than that there is no framework or topic for this zine. Go nuts.

Content will be printed in greyscale
Page format is A4 portrait plus 5 mm bleed (22 × 30,7 cm)
Artwork in at least 300 ppi resolution on page format (you can scan up to A3 at my place)
Every artwork gets a full page
Two pages per person (well, at least that’s the average per person goal)
Every contributor gets a copy of the zine
No logos or signatures on artwork (there is a credits list)

Your artwork won’t be used for anything other than the zine print. I will make some preview photos of the finished zine to show online, but these photos won’t allow the re-use of the shown artworks (see the photos of the first issue here). If you don’t want your submissions to be used for these preview photos, just tell me and it won’t happen.

If you don’t know what I’m talking here about resoltion, bleed and crap or have any other question just drop me a line and I’ll explain further.

Whacky ads:

I’d love to have two or more pages full of crazy old school comic book ads. If you don’t want to contribute full page artwork then maybe this is for you (but of course other contributers can make whacky ads as well). This is not about formal style but about whacky and/or stupid ideas. Unfortunately I can’t offer you anything for this other than whacky fame and your name on a seperate credits-list.
Please note that this is not about actual advertisements! Ads that are actual commercial promotion won’t be printed – no matter how cool the idea may be.

is October the 16th, 2015. Don’t wait for too long.

Submit stuff:
If you want to contribute to the zine or have any questions, send me a message (the sooner the better) and I’ll get back to you asap. Please include a link if you have artwork online.