Visor Berlin out now


Visor Berlin contains 41 works by 23 artists from Berlin. It is a follow-up to the Berlin Scrawling zine released in 2013. The name was changed to strip off the implication, that it is only about drawings. After all, the primary idea is to showcase a variety of styles and compile interesting artworks regardless of technique or materials used.

Closed format is 8.3 × 11.7 inch (A4)
41 artworks on 48 pages
Screenprinted cover on heavy cardboard
Numbered edition of 100 (50 available online)

Contributing artists:
Beat Gipp, Björn, Brookesia Studio, FatimaDjamila, Hagiophobic, Industrias Doc, Julian Scherer, Laura Yahna, Lula Valletta, Mario Hamborg, Noise Armada, Oli Verboden, Philip Hölldobler, Roland Chiocchetti, Rubee, Sepsyz, Shaltmira, Shortriver, The Thundergoat, Tina Henschel, Untune, Werner Kernebeck, Yannis The Pilgrim


First row from left to right: Hagiophobic, Laura Yahna, Beat Gipp, Shaltmira, Lula Valletta, Noise Armada.
Second row from left to right: Mario Hamborg, Lula Valletta, Industrias Doc, Shortriver, Werner Kernebeck.
Cover: Philip Hölldobler

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Visor Berlin